Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last night I really really wanted some chocolate chip cookies. Really bad. But I was so exhausted to make them (I know, shame on me as a baker). I opened my cupboard, and there in front of me was a package of Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie mix. Now, I usually make all my cookies from scratch, in fact, I don't like pre-made dough. But I had bought these thinking I was going to enter Betty's Cookie Contest.

But the craving was too strong, and the exhaustion too real. I had to make them. I needed them.

So, I went to work. Just adding a couple of things, and 10 minutes later, beautiful, gooey, yummy chocolate chip cookies. I took a bite. In my mind thinking that they are not as good as "home made". But I was surprised. They were very delicious and hit the spot.

I guess pre-made dough is not so bad when you are in a hurry, or just a bit too tired to do all the leg work. I should keep these on hand.


  1. I agree...if I have a craving, I'll do the ready-made mixes--cookies, brownies, whatever...I have such a sweet tooth =).

  2. Chocolate Chip cookies are good! And, you can't be too bad if you live in PDX! Nice blog...keep up the good work! Best to you and your family!

  3. I agree as well... don't know if you have a trader joe's but I buy frozen pre-cut cookies pop them on a cookie sheet and 12 min I have warm cookies and its moderation control :)